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21226 SE 26th Street Sammamish, WA 98075 USA




+10 724 1234 567

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Welcome to Zigmadda

A Doctor, Anytime, Anyplace. Delivered. Digitally.

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Serve urban and rural patients in new and different ways by unleashing the awesome power of digital.

Ignite your practice. Deliver real-time digital engagement and better patient outcomes. Growth and profitability for you. All on a single digital healthcare delivery platform “HDP”. Let’s get started …

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Digital Health Practice

Operate your health practice or business to best serve your patients in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Digital Remote Consultation

Accelerate and improve patient outcomes by digitally engaging your network of doctors in real-time.

Digital Mobile Medicine

Extend the reach of your practice or hospital by digitally going out to where your patients are located.


7 Billion People on the Planet, $7.4 Trillion Annual Global Spend

Healthcare is Fundamental to the Very Existence of Humankind. It is a Basic Human Need.

Shortage of doctors, uneven distribution of existing doctors, inefficient processes, and technology adoption not keeping up with the pace of innovation all contribute to the current state of healthcare.

Healthcare is an industry that is at the cusp of being disruptively revolutionized by technology powered innovation. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of the way digital technologies will transform the traditional way in which healthcare has been delivered and consumed.

Healthcare and Zigmadda

We, at Zigmadda, are very passionate about healthcare. Our big bold mission is a digital doctor in every home or village.

The genesis of Zigmadda was in the many personal healthcare experiences of our founders. The realization, through those experiences, that there is a different and better way of delivering healthcare experiences to patients.

The role of the doctor is more important than ever. We perfectly complement and empower the doctor to be more productive and to extend their reach through their team and our technology.

The Zigmadda Difference

Zigmadda brings together expertise in clinical medicine, unparalleled user experience design, digital technology, analytics, and service delivery platforms to create a market-leading delivery of rich and complete digital-healthcare experiences.

Our company

There aren't enough doctors in many parts of the world. Additionally, doctors and patients are not co-located. We enable using nurses and junior doctors, powered by our solution, to make the existing doctors more productive and to extend their reach digitally.

Our expertise

Clinical User Experiences
Process, Services, and Delivery Platforms
Software and Megatrends

Our services


Frame and clarify the omni-channel clinical experience that our solution must provide for you.


Collaborate with you to effectively implement a tailored solution for your healthcare practice or business.


We operate and monitor your Zigmadda omni-channel solution on our SaaS platform.


Providing a Proactive and reactive support to keep your solution healthy on our platform.

Zigmadda. A digital doctor in every home. Want to know how?

Our team

With a big, bold, transformative, and disruptive ambition, Zigmadda is led by a very experienced senior team including two Microsoft veterans.

The leadership team’s experience spans technology; products, services, and solutions; leadership; strategy, planning, and operations; and international business across borders.

We are working closely with a panel of doctors, who are guiding the development of this product, to ensure that it provides an excellent experience for GPs, specialists, and patients. Our product vision is to blend the very best in user experience, clinical examinations, and cutting edge hardware and software technological advances to enable the delivery of rich, complete, and productive digital healthcare experiences.

Our features

Single Platform for Clinical Healthcare Delivery

True omni-channel clinical healthcare engagement of your patients. Offer them an excellent clinical experience on any channel that they choose to engage your clinic or practice.


Our solutions are simple, easy to learn, and easy to use. They account for all stakeholder roles so that the business case and ROI are very straightforward.

Continuous Innovation

Your patients expect more choices and timely engagement from you as their digital lives continue to evolve. Future proof your investment, we are continuously innovating to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Customer Benefits

Our healthcare customers boost their productivity, the reach of their practices, and patient outcomes; leading to profitability and growth.

Our portfolio of Products

Our portfolio of Solutions

What do we offer Enable healthcare practices and businesses everywhere to evolve their ability to deliver clinical experiences to their patients in this new digital world.

Patient Engagement & Choice

Interact with your patients in new and different ways. You and your patients have full control on the choice of channels where clinical healthcare interactions are delivered.

Clinical Experience Focus

Our healthcare delivery solutions feature a huge focus on an effective, efficient, and intuitive clinical experience for doctor-patient. Easy to learn, easy to use.

True Omni-Channel

Proactively run an omni-channel healthcare business or practice – from face to face in your clinic to patients calling in to mobile door delivery. All on a single platform.


Start evolving immediately with the planned end in mind. Make the actual journey in a phased manner, at your own pace, to manage your risk.


Our feature-rich and scalable technology platform is designed to provide the full set of capabilities needed for each of our solutions. Continuous innovation from us, peace of mind for you.


Engage your patients digitally in real time. If the need arises, you have the ability to record session information for your own records or for sharing with others appropriately.